Complete Canine Care’s goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for dogs to socialise and play. Our aim is to develop well balanced happy pooches. We love it when dogs go home happy and content after a big day of play.


All of our staff are qualified and experienced in the animal care industry as well as holding certificates in Pet First Aid & Knowing Dogs 101 and 201. You can rest easy knowing that you are leaving your dogs in very competent hands.

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Our History

Our founder, Rhiannon Taylor, started Complete Canine Care as a dog walking and pet sitting service. After receiving her Canine Behaviourist Diploma and becoming a Pet First Aid Instructor she realised she wanted to take the business one step further. Rhiannon wanted to open a dog daycare but with a difference. Rhiannon wanted to create a business where dogs come first ALWAY! She wanted a  place where all staff were fully trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide a fun, safe and caring environment for dogs.

About Complete Canine Care
About Complete Canine Care

As a result of Rhiannon’s commitment to quality care for dogs, the facilities were set up with  the welfare of the dogs at the forefront of development . Rubber flooring was installed in the big dog’s pen to ensure that the dog’s joints were well protected. Separate areas were put in place for dogs of different sizes and energy levels. New activities and obstacles were added to the play areas daily to ensure the dogs were well stimulated.For dogs needing quiet time or cuddles areas were made available to allow for much needed quiet time. The dogs  really did have it all!

Rhiannon was determined that owners would receive honest assessment about how their dog’s day had gone. Upon pick up, the staff give an honest assessment of how the dog has behaved that day. Although most owners want to hear how wonderful their dog was it is also important that the owner knows if their dog has had an off day. By doing this the owner knows that when staff say “He was a good boy” they actually mean it.

Over the years the business has continued to grow and expand its services, offering grooming, kenneling, off leash adventures and Rural Retreat boarding.

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Loose Leash Walking

Rhiannon has now moved onto to her own new adventures and she has entrusted her business to her parents Kerry and Chris. Together, Kerry and Chris  continue to provide strong leadership and support to our management staff and our team of amazing dog handlers..

Complete Canine Care has established and maintained  itself as an industry leader. Complete Canine Care had partnered with other successful daycares to form the Dog Daycare Collective NZ. We have set the standard for daycare and our hope is that other daycare businesses aspire to achieve the same standards..

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Unitec Institute of Technology

Complete Canine Care (CCC) supports and recommends Unitec’s Animal Management Programmes. This is where many of CCC’s current and former staff launched their careers and began their work experience as interns with us at Complete Canine Care.

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