Complete Canine Care provides a safe, fun environment for dogs to socialise and play. Through socialization and play, our dogs are well balanced and happy pooches. At the end of the day our dogs go home to their parents happy and content.


All of our staff are qualified and experienced in the animal care industry.All staff hold certificates in Pet First Aid & Knowing Dogs 101. Our staff are also provided with ongoing training to keep up with current trends in the industry. You can rest easy knowing that you are leaving your dogs in capable and competent hands.


We also provide a Rural Retreat off leash Adventures service within Auckland suburbs to cater for dogs who are unable to attend day care or for those who simply want some variety in their week.

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A Typical Day at Daycare

ARRIVAL: 07:00am – 09:00am

New dogs are introduced to the group and enjoy free time getting to know their handler/s and the  other dogs in their group


9.30 am Morning Fitness Programme

This includes activities such as water sports(paddling pools), ball skills, tag, box play, sensory trails, ice play and agility games.


10:30am – 12:30pm

Our nap routine begins at 10.30am. Over the next two hours  dogs settle down for  a 1 hour nap with a kong. Dogs who are not napping have supervised free play time in their play group.
At 12.30pm dogs who have lunch are taken aside to eat and digest before returning to play.


Afternoon Programme

Activities and games continue. Dogs are supervised at all times and their teachers always reinforce manners, group participation and basic good behaviour.


PICK UP: 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Complete Canine Care Paw

Prerequisites for Daycare

Be up to date with vaccinations as well as flea and worm treatments

Have good social skills

Be non aggressive and not protective over food or toys

Have current council registration and be microchipped if over 6 months of age

If male, be desexed if older than 8 months of age. Females on heat are to be kept at home until the heat has finished.

Dogs who show and continue problem behaviour may be denied service
Complete Canine Care Paw

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