What areas to do we service?

  • Onehunga
  • Penrose
  • Mt Wellington
  • Royal Oak
  • One Tree Hill
  • Greenlane
  • Ellerslie
  • Remuera
  • Mangere Bridge
  • Millwater
  • Silverdale
  • Orewa
  • Red Beach
If your suburb is not included above please feel free to contact and we will let you know if we can accommodate.

Does my dog need to come on the same days each week

Not at all. You are welcome to change the days that your dog attends day care each week. However, in some cases we may ask your dog to attend on a specific day if they are nervous. This is for their own benefit to ensure they have the best experience possible. We will always consult with you if this is the case. 

How Do I Enrol my Dog in Day Care

To enrol in CCC please download a form from the ‘Enrol Now’ page. Fill it out and send it to us info@completecaninecare.co.nz. All new dogs need to undergo an assessment day. This must be booked in advance. Assessments are available Monday – Friday.

What If I Only My Dog To Board - is a trial day still required?

Yes please. Our overnight guests spend their days playing in the play pens, or playing in the paddocks if using our Rural Retreat. Therefore it is essential that your dog has a trial day with us so we can ensure they are happy in a group play environment while they board with us.

Do You Separate Dogs By Size?

Yes we do. We have a small dog pen and a big dog pen. However we do take it on a case by case basis – some medium sized dogs have big dog energy so we put them in the pen that best matches their energy level and where they will be well matched with play mates.

What are the prerequisites for daycare?

  • Be up to date with vaccinations as well as flea and worm treatments.
  • Have good social skills
  • Be non aggressive and not protective over food or toys
  • Have current council registration and be microchipped if over 6 months of age
  • If male, be desexed if older than 8 months of age. Females on heat are to be kept at home until the heat has finished.
Dogs who show and continue problem behaviour may be denied service

How Old Does My Dog Need To Be?

To enrol in our day care and boarding services your dog must have received their full course of puppy vaccinations and undergone a 10 day stand down. Depending on the vaccination schedule of your vet then your dog will likely be around 14-16 weeks old. 

For dog walking your dog must be minimum of 6 months old to begin dog walks as our dog walks are a 1 hour off leash excursion. 

How Do I Book?

Once you have undergone an assessment day you can book via three methods – email, phone call, or our online app/owner portal. You will receive your login details at the end of your trial day. 

We encourage all owners to book in advance, especially during the colder, wetter months as we tend to book up. If you want the same days each week you are welcome to set up a recurring booking. 

Can My Dog Attend If They Have Not Been Neutered?

Yes. We accept female dogs of any age except when they are on heat. Male dogs we happily accept up to 8 months of age. They are welcome back once being neutered of course 🙂

What Are The Vaccination Pre-Requisites for Day Care?

Dogs must be up to date with their core vaccinations e.g. Parvo as well as Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough. We will always check these with your vet clinic first to ensure health of all dogs.