Kongs, Fillings, and how to get the most out of your Kong

Kongs, Fillings, and how to get the most out of your Kong

Kong’s (and Kong similar products) are a marvellous enrichment tool with a whole raft of fillings possible depending on what your dog likes. We are big fans of Kongs at CCC, and all the day care dogs get a Kong to help settle them down for nap time. 

Staff member Romy shares her top Kong fillings for keeping her dog Sammii occupied:

  • Kibble soaked in water and mashed 
  • Raw meat
  • Greek yogurt
  • Peanut butter (with or without treats)
  • Meat broth
  • Mashed egg
  • Any dog safe fruit and veges such as raw or cooked pumpkin, mashed banana, apple, carrot or potato or anything else your dog is a fan of!

With all the above ingredients you can mash them into the Kong, or smear along the inside of the Kong, and mix and match!

For best results, use a sticky medium (peanut butter, greek yoghurt), a treat (crushed kibble, ziwipeak), and then something extra tasty (raw meat, banana). 

Our top tip: FREEZE the kong overnight for long lasting licking fun. This is particularly useful if you need or want to keep your dog occupied for a decent time period.

Make sure your dog has access to lots of water afterwards as well. 

Don’t have a Kong? All of these ingredients would also work on a lickimat or even an empty peanut butter container (owner supervision highly recommended for this last option – Kong’s are designed with a very small hole in the top to allow air flow if your dog gets their jaw stuck). 

Happy filling!