Our Rural Retreat is a boarding service which offers a worry free experience for both dogs and their owners. We offer two levels of accommodation.


 Home Away From Home: Dogs have free access to the house and farm enjoying a truly home away from home experience. A maximum occupancy of 3 dogs per night applies for Home Away from Home. The cost for this service is $60/night.

Farm Stay: This service includes dogs sleeping in our purpose built accommodation with their own snuggly bed, free access to the large fully fenced garden area and two big farm adventures  per day. The maximum occupancy of 12 dogs per night applies to Farm Stay. The cost for this service is $55/night.

Complete Canine Care Paw

What to expect

Your pup will spend time enjoying lots of attention and cuddles. During the day dogs enjoy frolicking on the farm with our daily field trip dogs. An indoor play area is equipped with comfortable beds, cozy armchairs and toys.

Transport to and From The Farm

Dogs Arriving and Departing Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

The dog bus departs the Centre in Patrick Street, Onehunga for the farm at approx. 8am so please make sure your dog arrives before the bus departs or speak to our staff about a home pick up.

When picking up your dog at the end of their stay, the dog bus brings the dogs back to the Centre for collection between 2.00-2.30pm. You can collect your dog  anytime after this. 

The charge for transport is $10 each way. If your dog stays with us for three nights or more their travel cost is free if they use our dog bus service which operates Monday to Friday.

Dogs Staying Over The Weekend 

Our preference for your fur babies is that they arrive on Friday and depart on Monday on our dog bus, having experienced a full weekend of fun and adventure on the farm. If your dog arrives Friday and departs Monday morning they can catch our dog bus at no additional cost. 

If your dog must  arrive or depart on either Saturday or Sunday, you will need  to drop off and pick up your dog from the farm at Kaukapakapa. Drop off times are from 8.30 am until 10.00am and pick ups may be made between 4.00 and 4.30pm daily.

Complete Canine Care Paw

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