Meet the team from Complete Canine Care. Dedicated to providing excellent care for your four legged friend.

General Manager & Head Trainer: Lacey Knox

  • BSc (Hons) in Zoology
  • National Cert in Vet Nursing
  • Certificate in PetTech CPR, First Aid & Care
  • Knowing Dogs 101 Cert
  • Certified Dog Tec Dog Walker
  • ADPTNZ full member
  • Attended BAT training workshop
Lacey Knox

Centre Supervisor: Steph Hett

  • Certificate Animal Management
  • PetTech certificate in Pet First Aid
  • Knowing Dogs 101
  • 5 years experience at various dog day cares and dog walking companies
Steph Hett

Dog Handler and Social Media Creator: Mandi Shaw

  • Certificate in Animal Care
  • Certificate in Pet First Aid
  • Knowing Dogs 101 Cert
  • 5 years experience in the daycare industry
Mandi Shaw

Dog Handler: Ashmita Singh

Ash is currently on parental leave. Her baby boy was born in October. Congratulations.

  • Cert Animal Management
  • Knowing Dogs 101 and Knowing Dogs 201
  • Previous day care experience
  • PetTech Pet First Aid
Ashmita Singh

Dog Handler & Walker: Cassandra MacDonald

  • Certificate in Dog Behaviour
  • 10 Years Experience in day care and kennels
  • Knowing Dogs 101 and Knowing Dogs 201

Dog Handler: Sophie Nannestad

  • Certificate in Animal Care
  • Certificate in Animal Management
  • Canine Behaviour & Training
  • Animal Management & Welfare
  • currently completing Bachelor of Applied Science
  • 3 years volunteering Guide Dog Kennels
  • Pet First Aid Certificate
  • Member of Norwest Dog Training Club

Dog Handler: Romy von Keisenberg

  • Certificate in Dog Training & Behaviour
  • Member of All Breeds Dog Training Club
  • Completed Canine Care Internship
  • Knowing Dogs 101 and Knowing Dogs 201

Dog Handler: Kalim Nathan

  • Completing Certificate Animal Management
  • CCC Internship
  • Sled Dog experience – Yukon/Alberta/British Columbia