Our Committment at CCC

Although owners may not always want to hear that their dog has had an off day, we are committed to giving truthful answers when a dog is picked up. It is important that owners are made aware of any issues so that we can work together to ensure their dog receives the most out of their day care experience. While we do not accept aggressive dogs at CCC we do take on dogs who we feel can become accustomed to the day care environment with a little bit of extra time, energy and TLC. Issues can range from going toilet on beds… to toy possession… to being overly timid and more. We are committed to doing our best so that when a dog is picked up and we say she/he was very good today, you will know that we mean it :)- as a side note we have had to turn away two four legged clients who were not suited to a day care environment. CCC is a safe, friendly, enjoyable environment and we aim to keep it that way.