Top 3 Day Care Tried and Tested Toys

Top 3 Day Care Tried and Tested Toys

Running a day care centre can be hard work. We are always looking at ways we can enrich the dogs days at day care while sticking to a budget. We went through so many toys that we decided it was time to research and test which toys could stand the test of the toughest chewer and last for longer than a week in a day care setting.


Coming in at #1 The Goughnut 

We imported these toys from overseas. The best deal we found was through Amazon. They come in a range of sizes and colours including a ball, ring, stick and figure eight. We got our first lot of Goughnuts in early 2016 and have since ordered a second lot. Not a single one of the toys ordered has been thrown out yet. They have proven to be the most durable toy I’ve come across in the market.


Price range: $16-$30 + international shipping


Pros: Incredibly durable and long lasting a range of style to suit your dogs preference

Cons: The ball is very hard so be careful it doesn’t boop your dogs head when throwing it

The stick shape is somewhat unfortunate in its aesthetics. We did have one owner of a day care dog mention that it somewhat resembled an adult toy

As far as I am aware you cant purchase them locally which is unfortunate as it good to support local companies




#2 The Nylabone – Durachew

While not as hardy as the Goughnut, the Nylabone is a much loved toy at Complete Canine Care. Specifically there Durachew range. A bunch of 15 Nylabones tends to last a month which isn’t bad considering they get used on a daily basis by a large number of dogs. This toy is an extremely safe chew toy, just be sure to throw it out once the dogs have chewed it down to a size the dog could possibly swallow. They come in flavours such as chicken, beef or original and a range of different shapes and sizes.


Price range : $10-$25


Pros: cost effective, range of sizes, easy to purchase in NZ

Cons: lasts roughly a month depending on the chewer


We stock these at Complete Canine Care’s retail section as they are such a wonderful, value for money toy for dogs of all shapes and sizes






#3 The Boomer ball

This ball is tough! So tough it gets used at the zoo with a range of different animals. It comes in blue or red and has a few different size options. We have been using boomer balls at CCC since day 1. They aren’t as popular as the other tough toys but they are certainly a favourite for some ball loving dogs. We find dogs either love this toy or completely ignore it.


Price range: $30-$45


Pros: will last you a year in most cases


Cons: not suitable for very small dogs unless they are happy to just push it around the floor as they cant pick it up


Complete Canine Care stocks boomer balls in a range of sizes